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Kamikaze-Club Foren-Übersicht -> Bewerbung -> Spiritual-Awakening Movies You May Not Know About
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BeitragVerfasst am: 08.12.2022, 19:33    Titel: Spiritual-Awakening Movies You May Not Know About Antworten mit Zitat

A movie is a projection of a world that we choose to indulge in for a specified amount of time. In that amount of time, we’re given the ability to link ourselves to a particular character, or situation that we’re presented to. In other words, films have the tendency to make us switch our perception of space and time, and for a brief moment, think and reflect on the stimulus, or subject being served to us.

Movies offer an escape from the world we’re accustomed to seeing when we wake up every morning.

For spiritually awakened people who are naturally curious beings, this insight into a world different from our own is a great way to satisfy our hunger for a deeper understanding; a revelation; some form of truth.

Almost any movie, when seen through the eyes of a spiritually awakened person can be perceived as a spiritual-awakening one, given the overt, sometimes discreet messages hiding beneath them.

Yet some movies tend to offer such exquisite access to a universal truth, that they cannot help but be labelled as such from the onset; ones that are worth watching for anyone who enjoys a movie that will leave them gazing at the starlit sky, appreciating that they just learned something that answers a specific question.

Shot in the 1990s, this film doesn’t only send you back to simpler times but reminds you of the possibility of ever-lasting love. The story follows Molly and Sam, a couple whose romance is short-lived following the murder of Sam by a thug. Instead of straying them apart, death brings the couple even closer, with Sam being able to communicate with his lover through the help of a psychic, in order to warn her that her life is in no less danger than his was.

In the film, a biologist, Ian Gray is in the middle of undertaking research on the human eye, from which a startling revelation is made: The human eye is a symbol — in this case, quite literally, the window, to a soul. Ian meets a woman called Sofi, with whom he shares an inexplicable connection, fostered primarily through the meeting of their eyes. Eventually, they feel as though they’ve known each other forever.

Starring Jim Carrey once again, the movie follows Joel and Clementine, two “strangers” who meet on a train and begin a relationship, unaware that they had been together prior to their procedure to erase each other from their memory. Their eventual meet-up despite having forgotten about each other raises questions of fate, insatiable love, and forgiveness.

Richard Collier, a playwright in 1980 is suddenly drawn to and obsessed with the portrait of a woman, Elise McKenna, a stage actress living in the first quarter of the 20th century. Desperately trying to explain the connection he feels with her, he attempts traveling back in time through self-hypnosis, and does so successfully.

Adapted from Paulo Coelho’s novel, Veronika is a woman in her 20’s who is suicidal due to not having found the meaning of her life. Despite appearing seemingly successful, she can’t find anything to live for and ponders her existence. Eventually, she attempts suicide by overdosing on pills, but fails, OPEN this best spiritual movies of all time
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Kamikaze-Club Foren-Übersicht -> Bewerbung -> Spiritual-Awakening Movies You May Not Know About
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