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Kamikaze-Club Foren-Übersicht -> Taverne -> White14 Business Complex New Capital
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BeitragVerfasst am: 08.08.2022, 16:16    Titel: White14 Business Complex New Capital Antworten mit Zitat

White14 Business Complex New Capital

In White 14 Business Complex New Capital You Can Now Own A Unit

If you are looking for a headquarters for your company or office, you will not find it more luxurious than White 14 Business Complex Mall, which provides you with a comfortable and quiet work environment away from sources of noise and pollution, in a place that pulsates with all standards of sophistication, luxury, and beauty.

This mall is “MBG Developments'” third project in the New Administrative Capital, and it is one of the largest real estate businesses in the country. It has worked hard to develop this project in a distinctive and attractive manner, with numerous amenities and factors of success for entrepreneurs.

And here it is innovating once more in this project, as it was created in a modern manner, enhancing the beauty and magnificence of the location, and a number of units were supplied within it, including various areas appropriate for collecting administrative and commercial works, both major and minor.

The location of the project was chosen with great care in the heart of Downtown, which is an important area in the capital and provides project owners with many unique features and services, so invest your money differently and book your unit with us now inside one of the most important projects in the capital, White 14 Complex.

The Location Of White14 Business Complex In The New Capital
The new capital is one of the most important areas of the future, in which the state made a great effort to design the city in that distinctive way and implement it with such extreme precision. As a result, the project’s execution business was very careful to select the greatest locations in the new capital, ensuring that its location is distinctive and convenient to a number of key areas.

Because this project is located in the capital’s downtown region, which is one of the most important areas due to its high population density, all existing initiatives are guaranteed to succeed and prosper quickly.

White 14 Business Complex was built in one of the largest streets of Downtown, and this street has a width of 90 meters.
It is located on the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, which helps in transportation to and from it.
It is also not far from the tourist towers.
It also boasts a lovely view of the well-known Green River Park.
It’s also only a short walk from the well-known Al-Massa Hotel.
White 14 Business Complex is also within walking distance of the ministries district.
Moreover, White14 corporate complex is conveniently located near the ring road and the monorail station.
It is also not far from the government district, the ministries district, and the opera house.
As for the new capital airport, it is about 20 minutes away from White 14 Administrative Capital at most.
White Tower 14, the Administrative Capital, is also located next to a group of the most famous towers in the capital, such as Downtown Mall and Capital Diamond Tower.
It is also very close to the Mosque of Egypt and a large number of other vital facilities such as major hospitals and famous residential complexes.
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Kamikaze-Club Foren-Übersicht -> Taverne -> White14 Business Complex New Capital
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